The following is an overview of the scroll air compressor which is adaptable to many different applications and packages:

Operation: Rotating (orbiting) positive displacement
Construction: Cast Aluminum to minimize weight and maximize heat transfer for optimal cooling
Footprint (inches): 11.26L x 15.0W x 12.09H - Air End with housing, does not include motor
Weight (lbs): 58 – Air End with housing, does not include motor
Maximum Pressure (PSIG): 125 – consult PrecisionAir for higher pressure requirements
Maximum RPM: 2500 (85 Hz)
Cooling: Air Cooled with integral idler driven axial fan, air flow direction dictated by application
Maximum Ambient Operating Temperature: 122⁰F (50⁰C)
Discharge Temperature: < 300⁰F at 80⁰F ambient
Discharge Port: ½ Inch NPT (1/2” nominal hose)
Inlet Port: ¾ Inch NPT for off-the-shelf air filter
Motor: specified by customer, inquire with PrecisionAir about existing options
Drive: specified by customer, can be direct or belt driven; fixed or variable speed drive
Sound Level (dBA): Varies by application
Environmental Enclosure: Customer specified depending on application requirements
Maximum Duty Cycle: Continuous
Mounting Orientation: Horizontal
Maintenance: Varies by application (scroll pack exchange)
Warranty: 1 Year
Vibration: dynamically balanced for vibration free operation

The PrecisionAir scroll air end can be packaged to accomodate any application.  An example would be utilizing it onboard commercial vehicles (class 7 & 8 trucks, transit buses and school buses) for electrification of the air compressor for hybrid drivetrains.  Whether you have an enclosure to put it in, or you need a plug and play package to bolt to the side rail of a truck...PrecisionAir can help deliver a package to meet your project requirements.

Scroll Air Compressor Product Specifications
The PrecisionAir scroll is modular and they can be banked together and controlled to efficiently match changing air demands.

The PrecisionAir scroll is a continuous duty machine with only two wear items (consumables).

Did you know...
Onboard electrified scroll air compressor packages for commercial vehicle hybrid drivetrains