The small footprint and reliable operation combined with low maintenance make the scroll a superior solution for many applications.  Not to mention, it provides oil-free compressed air.
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Sustainable compressed air solutions
Oil-Free Scroll Advantages
PrecisionAir is leveraging sustainable air compressor technologies to produce and deliver environmentally friendly solutions for various industries.  The staple of the PrecisionAir product line is the oil-free scroll air compressor design.  The scroll has been a proven and reliable technology for decades and PrecisionAir has improved upon the traditional design to deliver a product that has an extensive list of features and benefits.
With only two wear items and a continuous duty design, the scroll helps bring money to your bottom line year-after-year.

Low lifecycle costs
PrecisionAir oil-free scroll
scroll lifecycle costs

The PrecisionAir scroll is the ideal oil-free compressed air solution for many applications.

Industries with applications requiring oil-free air:
  • Transportation – traditional and hybrid trucks, transit buses, school buses, trains
  • Medical/Healthcare – instrument air and breathing air
  • Biotechnology - Laboratory
  • Automotive - Painting
  • Food and Beverage
  • Electronics
  • Commercial Printing
  • Drug Manufacturing

There are many applications that can greatly benefit from using oil-free air and PrecisionAir would like the opportunity to provide the solution. 

A good example are the Class 7 and 8 semi trucks.  As hybrid drivetrains become more popular, the engine parasite loads (including the air brake compressor) need to be driven electrically and operate independently.  The PrecisionAir oil-free scroll is the superior solution for hybrid drivetrains requiring on-board air.

Scroll Air Compressor - Applications